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Workshop on Branding, Identity, and Recruiting

September 29, 2020 - October 8, 2020
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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The focus of the seminar is to engage organizational leadership in current thinking and best practices for building its external identity and attracting top talent. During the seminar we will share theoretical foundations, explore alternative strategies, and begin the process of actively shaping a strong identity. By means of guided exercises used by leading organizations, facilitated discussions and sharing of best practices from other sectors, the seminar will prepare organizational leaders to design and implement a strategy to attract and engage faculty.

The seminar will focus on the following areas:

  1. Strategic Branding and Identity Development
  2. Messaging Alignment with Brand and Audience
  3. Identity and Leadership with Academic Mission and Purpose
  4. Recruitment of Faculty
  5. Implementation and Evolution


  • Day 1: Welcome and Framing/Overview of Market Theory – Tuesday 29 September
    • Morning Session: 9 am-12 pm CST (10am-1pm EST)

    • Overall learning objectives: Introductions, framing objectives of the workshop, and measurable objectives, theoretical foundations of Brand Strategy

  • Day 2: Active Learning & Seminar Recap – Wednesday 30 September
    • Morning Session: 9am-11am CST (10am-12pm EST)

    • Afternoon Session: 1pm-3pm CST (2pm-4pm EST)

    • Overall learning objectives: Translating theory into practice through hands-on application and workshopping. Develop a deeper understanding of target demos, behaviors, and attitudes, establish the key components of the future organizational brand.

  • Day 3: Recruiting – Thursday 1 October
    • Morning Session: 9am-11am CST (10am-12pm EST)

    • Afternoon Session: 1pm-3pm CST (2pm-4pm EST)

    • Overall learning objectives: Connecting branding to recruiting via messaging, Introduction to recruiting techniques

  • Day 4: Organization and Oversight – Friday 2 October
    • Morning Session: 9am-11am CST (10am-12pm EST)

    • Afternoon Session: 1pm-3pm CST (2pm-4pm EST)

    • Overall learning objectives:

      • Part 1 Understand the organization design issues that relate to marketing and sustaining the faculty program. What new structures are needed to evolve and grow the organization? How does design affect the mission of the organization?

      • Part 2 Developing measurable outcomes of the program on faculty development and careers after completion of the program? What are the benefits for students? How do we measure ROI of the investment?

  • Day 5: Initial Branding, Identity, and Recruitment Strategy – Wednesday 7 October
    • Morning Session: 9am-11pm CST (10am-12pm EST)

    • Overall learning objectives: Develop a prototype model for the organization that addresses Branding, Identity, and Recruitment

  • Day 6: Organization Structure and Governance – Thursday 8 October
    • Morning Session: 10am-12pm CST (11am-1pm EST)

    • Overall learning objectives: Design an organization structure to manage and evolve organizational faculty

Art Langer

Dr. Arthur Langer

Director, Center for Technology Management; Professor of Professional Practice; Academic Director of the Executive Master of Science in Technology Management, Columbia University



Arabella Pollock

Arabella Pollock

Distinguished Lecturer, Director of Certificate Program in Business Studies at Hunter College



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