Brian Yoder

Pasadena, CA

Brian Yoder the Founder of Brian Yoder Consulting and the Chief Software Architect of Moffatt & Nichol. At Moffatt & Nichol, he leads the simulation and emulation practice there, producing tools for analyzing the operation of marine cargo terminals and other large-scale logistics systems.

Yoder is a veteran of the software industry with experience in a very wide range of application areas, mostly characterized as being something new in each era in companies at every size from startups to large ones and with several making the transitions all the way through. He has straddled the management and engineering roles throughout his career without losing out on the skills on either side of that divide.

His previous roles include: Director of Software Development at DocMagic (document processing), VP of Engineering of Scalable Network Technologies (military network simulation and analysis), VP of Engineering at CyberDefender (anti-malware software and systems), Chief Architect at OpenSoft (industrial-scale printing), CTO at CodeFire Studios (video games and microtransaction architecture), VP of Engineering at uWink (video games and manufacturing entertainment), CTO of Virtual Language Laboratories (real time video translation), Architect at EarthLink Network (Internet service provider), CEO at US Networx (network analysis utilities), and Senior Software Designer at Peter Norton Computing/Symantec (software utilities) where he was one of the early engineers there and initiated the first Norton Antivirus initiative.

Yoder has also served in advisory roles in a number of other groups and companies including: Board Member at Reality Gap (video games and microtransaction systems), Advocate at the Los Angeles CTO Forum (CTO professional association), Advisor at Tech Coast Angels (angel investment group), Advisor at the Fat Cat Club (angel investment group), member of the Board of Advisors at (social media), member of the Board of Advisors of Reverge Inc. (gaming technologies), Advisor at Outsource Testing Inc. (technical services), and Co-Founder of the Art Renewal Center (art education).  He regularly consults with a wide range of startups, helping them get started hiring teams, raising money, and validating their strategies, technologies, and product plans.

Yoder resides in Pasadena California with his opera singer wife, Erin Murphy.