Deirdre Silberstein

Stamford, CT

Deirdre Silberstein is the President of Silberstein & Associates.

Silberstein has over 30 years of experience in building companies, lines of business, and growth initiatives, both as an entrepreneur and as a corporate executive.

For the past several years, Silberstein has been working with Italian technology start-ups, helping them form productive companies and move to the United States. From 2012-2014, she serves as SVP, Global Operations with Decisyon, Inc.; from 2014-2015, she was both CMO and SVP, Global Operations with modomodo, Inc.

Through her consulting firm Silberstein & Associates LLC (established in 2001), Silberstein has worked with many U.S. businesses (including entrepreneurial ventures and women-run businesses) on marketplace and growth programs. She specializes in helping these businesses establish their markets, identify growth opportunities, and then create and implement sales, marketing, and communications initiatives to meet business goals.

Silberstein spent 15 years at Deloitte, initially as a marketing manager working with the tax function and various industry groups on developing marketing materials and programs and sales training. She was then asked to develop and run a global publications and communications program, covering both client-oriented and technical materials, and a competitive intelligence capability. As part of this work, Silberstein was asked to take on the development of the global knowledge management system (based in Lotus Notes), developing the databases and protocols for the program and training the firm’s professionals in how to use the system.

Earlier in her career, Silberstein worked in the publishing industry in New York. She acquired and developed lines of trade books, college-level textbooks, and educational materials. She was asked to develop a company’s first electronic education-publishing project, the forerunner of today’s computer-based educational and learning programs.

Silberstein received her B.A. from Stanford University (History, with honors) and M.B.A. from Columbia Business School (Marketing and Management, with honors).