Gaspare Lo Duca

New York, NY

Gaspare LoDuca is VP, IT and CIO at Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT).

LoDuca leads a team of over 300 employees responsible for providing students, faculty, and staff with central computing and communications services. Gaspare oversees all aspects of course management and student information applications, back office and administrative applications, and management of the high-speed campus Ethernet and wireless networks. Additionally, his team is responsible for email, telephone service, Web publishing, computer labs and electronic classrooms. CUIT is also responsible for maintaining policies with regard to the use and security of its computer systems, networks, and information resources, with which all users at Columbia are required to comply. Prior to joining the University in 2015, LoDuca worked as the Technology Managing Director for the U.S. Higher Education Practice at the global consulting firm Accenture, with over 17 years of experience of guiding major universities in developing and implementing technology strategies.

LoDuca holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University and is a member of the Board of Directors of NYSERNet, a nonprofit advocate for the expansion of research services and internet provider to educational institutions across the state.