Jorge Rodriguez

Miramar, FL

Jorge Rodriguez is the President & CEO of Claro Enterprise Solutions.

Prior to Claro, Rodriguez was the President & CEO of Telmex USA and Telvista Inc., and was the senior officer in charge of the firm’s global enterprise segment. He was also responsible for managing the international product and BPO organizations and leading the firm’s global strategy, and served on multiple company boards.

Rodriguez has over 25 years of telecommunications, management and international experience. Prior to joining Telmex, he held various executive positions at AT&T and AT&T Latin America including, regional VP and VP of Sales and Operations. Among his many achievements at AT&T and AT&T L.A., he launched startup operations across Latin America, established a fully integrated regional operation in support of Global Clients, and was a Board Member of several AT&T LA operating companies.

Rodriguez holds an M.Sc. in Technology Management from Columbia University, an M.B.A. from RIT, is a graduate of Keenan Flagler's (UNC Chapel Hill) Advanced Management Program, and received his B.A. degree in Biology/Molecular Biology from Colgate University.