Mark S. Popolano

Miramar, FL

Mark Popolano is the SVP, CTO and Managing Director of Business Innovation and Offer Management at Claro Enterprise Solutions.

Popolano has held various C-suite executive positions, consultative partner roles, Sales, and Technical Leadership positions, and Solution architecture roles. Popolano’s business and technical experience are focused across numerous verticals such as Government, Financial Services,  Insurance, Publishing, Management Consulting, Telcommunications and Managed Services. He has managed global professional organizations with internal budgets exceeding 2.5 billion.

Popolano has published articles such as “Demystifying the Cloud”, spoken in panels and major events, as well as being quoted and interviewed by numerous publications during his tenure on Wall Street. He has participated in numerous customer advisory and technical boards. Popolano advocates the use of social media to state his opinions and suggests proactive alternatives to  pressing issues in business, social and technological venues.

Throughout his career, Popolano has digitally transformed major organizations through evolving the customer experience, optimizing and transforming operational processes, and developing new business models with business leadership. He has worked with CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and their executive teams in the development and implementation of global and divisional business digital strategies. Each journey has enabled these companies to develop mobile, IOT, Cognitive Analytics, Big Data, cloud applications and Automated Data center capabilities that have evolved the companies on their path to digital transformation.