Mike De Boer

Detroit, MI

Mike De Boer is the VP and Executive Leader at GE Digital. De Boer has 28 years of business leadership in GE and the Financial Services Industry spanning the Commercial, Consumer, and Retail Banking sectors. He came to New Orleans to develop a new Technology Center serving the GE Company. This new center, located in the New Orleans Business District, is providing Information Technology Services for the GE Company and is over 200 employees and growing.

The GE Digital Technology Solutions Center is leading efforts to transform IT services creating cloud based solutions for customers and enterprise security and risk management capabilities for GE. The Center is leading change, through developing an agile culture that is responsive to customer needs and delivers higher quality solutions which are critical to our customer’s success.

De Boer joined GE in 1995 and has held many different leadership roles in the United States, Denmark, United Kingdom, and France. Prior to coming to New Orleans he served as CIO of GE Capital Global Banking leading IT for the Consumer Banking Platforms outside the United States. His accomplishments include leading IT transformation strategies delivering simplification, process excellence and compliance in very diverse platforms and markets.