Nicolas Kozakiewicz

Paris, France

Nicolas Kozakiewicz has 24 years of experience in Innovation and R&D, split between big corporations and founding, funding and developing start-ups in Europe and the Silicon Valley. Mr. Kozakiewicz has led multinational engineering teams, through upcoming trends and technologies to business-applied, revenue-generating services.

For the past few years as Chief Innovation Officer at Worldline, he has driven Global R&D and Innovation, leading teams to focus/find, evaluate, prioritize and drive to market disruptive technologies/usages, while instilling innovation, igniting new services and increasing performance and efficiency in the portfolio.

Mr. Kozakiewicz joined Atos group in 2009 and holds a SW/HW engineering degree from EFREI as well as a start-up specialized M.B.A. from HEC in France. He is also a Fellow in the Expert group of Atos/Worldline.

Mr. Kozakiewicz lectures on blockchain Columbia University, Polytechnique, Telecom ParisTech, Institut Mines-Telecom and HEC. He has worked on current trends including blockchain and stable coins, quantum resistant cryptography and artificial intelligence.