Thomas Marcin

Wilmington, DE

Tom Marcin Director, Management Consulting at Pace Harmon.

Marcin is a global executive possessing 30+ years of technology and business experience. His global insight evolved from an ideal blend of start-up and large enterprise relationships. As a multi-lingual executive, Marcin has led major international technology businesses in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America.

For the past 3+ years, Marcin has been serving as Director of Management Consulting for Pace Harmon, a niche management consulting firm serving Fortune 500 clients. Marcin has led strategic infrastructure and applications dev/ops initiatives for his clients, and most recently led the M&A consulting practice capturing, team-building and delivering over $30M of new-business.

Marcin previously served as the VP of Operations for H&M Networks, a division of Henkels and McCoy, Inc., which is a $1B+ privately held, national engineering and construction enterprise. He managed the overall operations of this nationally renowned company that serves the telecom carrier, large enterprise, healthcare and government markets. Responsibilities included: profit and loss responsibility for all lines of service, strategy development, product/service management, project execution, Lean/Six Sigma quality program, safety, and executive level sales.

Previously, Marcin was a Director of IT for Axalta Coating Systems, a spin off of DuPont, Inc. that serves the automotive industry. At Axalta Tom led major divestiture initiatives including a substantial E-business and Customer Portal program that helped transform and grow the company to 4x its valuation from the date of divestiture.

While at DuPont for 10 years, Marcin served as the Director of IT Strategy & Innovation where he managed the global innovation process. In this capacity, he engaged with business unit executives, strategic vendors, universities, and venture firms in order to help shape the direction and evolution of technology. Marcin also coordinated the process for sensing, evaluating, and recommending game-changing technologies for DuPont with the intent of enabling DuPont's many businesses to garner a competitive advantage. Prior to this strategic role, Marcin served as DuPont's Global Director of Telecommunications for 6 years managing the global voice, data, and mobility networking services. 

Before his tenure with DuPont, Marcin started-up various technology companies including a wireless engineering firm, a cellular operator in China, a wireless broadband firm in Latin America, and a world-class data center business in Latin America. Marcin regularly serves on various advisory boards for both start-up companies as well as Fortune 500 technology-focused companies.

Marcin, his wife Kyra, and daughter Christina have lived in historic Centreville, DE for the past 18 years where they are active members of the community and church. Tom and Kyra have led youth missions to the Dominican Republic and served on the Global Outreach Committees. Their eldest daughter, Elizabeth, serves in the U.S. Army as a medical student at Uniformed Services University of Health Services located at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, MD.