Toni Hawkins-Scribner

Montgomery, AL

Dr. Toni Hawkins-Scribner is the Director, Learning Sciences and Faculty Education at USAF Squadron Officer School, The Air University.

Dr. Hawkins-Scribner is a retired Air Force veteran, educator, designer, and evaluator. Previously, she served across multiple military leadership education and medical training programs. Her experiences include: managing 24-Air Force medical degree programs at the Community College of the Air Force; guiding teaching and curricula teams in DoD USAF medical courses and Air Force Professional Military Education programs; and leading Headquarters Air University-level innovation teams — pioneering new ways to design, develop, and integrate learning strategies and emerging educational technologies into formative student and faculty learning experiences. 

Dr. Hawkins-Scribner earned her doctoral degree at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University. Her research interests include learning technologies, immersive learning, mentoring/coaching, and virtual learning environments.